This is going to be so much fun. The Arts Council of Princeton, with support from Princeton University, brings you Princeton PorchFest on Saturday, April 23rd from 12pm - 6pm, according to its website. Save the date. Everyone is welcome.

What is PorchFest? It's like a big live music festival all over town, but instead of different stages, the bands and musicians will be performing from the front porches of Princeton residents. Cool idea, huh? I would happily volunteer my porch if I lived in Princeton.

Did I mention it's a free event? Yup...absolutely free. You'll be able to stroll from house to house on foot, or by bike if you'd like, and see musicians performing all different types of music. The Arts Council promises something for everyone.

Grab your family and friends and make a day of it. You don't have to live in Princeton to go and have's open to the public. You can throw one of those chairs in a bag or a blanket over your shoulder and chill at each spot and enjoy the mini-concert.

There will festival t-shirts and tote bags for sale soon...keep an eye open...the perfect way to remember this one of a kind day. I'm hoping it becomes an annual tradition.

After Princeton PorchFest, stick around. There is so much to see and do in downtown many great restaurants, shops and more. This is a fabulous way to discover Princeton and all it has to offer.

Another quaint town, Bordentown, is also doing a PorchFest on Saturday, April 30th, featuring music from different genres. For more information click here.

Get out, enjoy, and celebrate the arts.

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