What a fun idea. Bordentown City is hosting its first ever PorchFest, according to the Bordentown Arts website.

Save the date. It's going to be Saturday, April 30th from 12-5pm (rain or shine).

You may be wondering what PorchFest is...let me explain....you're invited, by the way.

PorchFest is going to be fabulous event where throughout the day you'll stroll around beautiful Bordentown City listening to all different types of musicians performing on the front porches of residents. You can bring a blanket or a chair and relax on the front lawn of the houses hosting performers. I LOVE IT. While you're in the city, make plans to dine at any of the fabulous restaurants on and around Farnsworth Avenue.

If you're a Bordentown City resident you can volunteer your porch as a mini stage, and if you're a performer you can volunteer to perform on someone's porch. Organizers are looking for musicians all all genres and styles.

I know what you're thinking. How will you know where to find all the porch performers? Don't worry, a schedule and a walking guide will be available before the event. Did I mention this is a FREE event? Yup, absolutely free. Bring your family and friends for an awesome afternoon.

If you'd like to HOST a PorchFest performer on your porch or front lawn, click here to apply. If you'd like to be a PorchFest performer, click here.

For more information on this really cool event, click here.

I'm telling my neighbors about this immediately and starting our own version in our neighborhood. Lol. Actually, I'm kind of serious. I think it would be a really great time.

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