Roasted Turkey flavored Pringles... yup, they're in a grocery store near you.

Everyone is so focused on Christmas... but what about Thanksgiving. Pringles wants to make sure you don't forget the food friendly holiday. They have just hit the stores with the new roasted turkey flavor.

It is all the flavor of a Thanksgiving turkey, without the hassle of actually cooking one. Not only will they be tasty, nothing will get you quite in the spirit like a slight teaser of Thanksgiving right around the corner just two weeks from now.

As said on, the Pringles turkey flavored chips will be available around grocery stores nation-wide. Unfortunately, just like the holiday will be over, so will the holiday-themed chips. So, with that being said, you're going to need to get them while they last.

They're definitely an interesting concept, so they could either sell out quick because people love them or are eager to try them, or they could sit the shelves. Honestly, couldn't hurt to try them out though.


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