Planet Princeton is reporting that a pro-choice rally is being planned for Saturday, May 14th in downtown Princeton. Save the date.

Hosted by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey, the "Bans Off Our Bodies" rally will be held on Hinds Plaza, next to the Princeton Public Library on Witherspoon Street, from 10:30am - 12:30pm.

The entire community is invited to go out and let your voice be heard. The purpose of the rally is to "demand the right to choose an abortion be protected," according to the article.

Many were shocked and upset after recently learning about a leak of the Supreme Court's majority draft opinion hinting that historic case, Roe v. Wade, will most likely be overturned.

Planet Princeton quotes a rally statement as saying, "The people in your community and across the country deserve the power and freedom to make their own personal reproductive health care decisions. It is necessary to act now, all across the country, not only to demonstrate that people support abortion access, but, to show that we won't back down."

On Wednesday, about 100 Princeton University students rallied outside of Nassau Hall, according to The Daily Princetonian, devastated and disgusted by the leak. They held signs that read, "Abortion is Healthcare" and "I Am Not Ovary-Acting" and more. Some students gave speeches saying abortion is a fundamental right, others chanted that their rights must be protected.

One student, Ophelia Vedder, urged the crowd to put pressure on Governor Phil Murphy to make New Jersey an abortion refuge state, saying, "We have an obligation to help those who won't be able to get an abortion in their state."

For more on the rally, click here.

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