Starting a hair braiding business can cost you a lot of money but Governor Murphy is trying to help with that. To become a professional braider you must complete 1,200 hours of training and it can cost you up $17,000.

Black father doing his little girl's hair
Credit: Thinkstock

Gov. Murphy is trying to have professional hair braiders take a training that only requires 40 hours instead of the 1,200 that is currently required. The training will focus on sanitation, infection control and other regulations.

Some hair braiders are against it, yet some are in fact for it, like Nzali. According to, Nzali said, "There also should be some training in technique, to teach not to pull the hair too tight, and to do the braiding to keep the hair healthy."

Many braiders have gone out of business after this bill was passed due to the high cost and a huge amount of training hours.

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