When you are driving around in the Mercer County area and notice a business that has unfortunately shut down, do you ever think about what should come to that establishment next?

While driving in Mercer County I have noticed a few businesses that look abandoned and one that has been shut down for quite some time now is Parkway Pizza on Parkway Avenue in Ewing Township.

Credit: 945 PST Staff

In that same location, you were able to find La Fontana Ristorante before as well. In a post from 2010, Community News shared that both La Fontana Ristorante and Parkway Pizza were owned by the same people.

After doing some research we found Parkway Pizza's Facebook account and it looks like the last time a post was created on that Facebook business account was in 2019. It seems like there have been numerous posts deleted from the page.

Credit: 945 PST Staff

Parkway Pizza and La Fontana Ristorante are just empty spaces and now the question is, what should come to that location next?

Maybe a Chick-Fil-A, a new Italian restaurant, a local dive bar would be fun, or what about a coffee shop like a Starbucks?

A Starbucks would not be a bad idea since the closest one to the empty establishment is about 10 to 13 minutes away.

I am trying to look out for all of the coffee lovers with this one. It can possibly benefit the staff members and students from Ewing High School as well which is right next to the empty lot.

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