You ready to get serious about your weight loss goals? If you live in the Evesham Township area, you may want to give this place a try!

Project LeanNation, a weight loss center specializing in personalized health & nutrition plans, is coming to the Crispin Square Shopping Center in Marlton NJ, according to Facebook community page, A View From Evesham.

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It'll take over the space currently occupied by Sweet Eats Bakery, located at 230 N Maple Ave. This will be Project LeanNation's first New Jersey location!

Never heard of Project LeanNation? They specialize in personalized goal and nutrition coaching, and providing healthy prepared meals, either delivered to your doorstep or available for pickup in one of their locations.

They also provide in-store body composition tracking. Such a great idea to help keep your progress on track with a support system!

Calculating your own calories, macros, portion sizes and nutrition can be a daunting task when trying to hit your weight loss goals. So they're committed to providing communities with affordable, convenient, and healthy meal plans to make it easier!

"Get well-balanced meals delivered to your doorstep, or stop in for personal coaching at one of our locations. Tap into your growing community of members just like you to achieve your goals with Project LeanNation," their website reads.

This is such an awesome option if you need an extra support system for losing weight!

If you're interested in Project LeanNation in Marlton, you can sign up for more information HERE. 

We'll keep an eye out to see when they'll be open!

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