A massive python was found earlier this week in Lancaster Pennsylvania, but it is in better shape than you would think.

The Reticulated Python braved the wind and rain for days, but was able to maintain a full stomach. It was rescued by Forgotten Friend Animal Sanctuary with a meal recently eaten, slowly moving through its scaly body.

The reptile sanctuary has taken in the python, and began its rehab process. She has been in a incubation for the past couple of days and is doing very well.

The caretakers are not concerned with what she ate, but they will schedule an x-ray in the coming days. Too much poking and testing on the animal may make it lose its lunch which, according to the sanctuary, would be a waste. In a statement issued to phillyvoice.com, the sanctuary states “that would just be a waste of a good groundhog or raccoon or taco party box, or whatever is in there.” All love to the sanctuary and their new, long rehab patient!

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