A Rapid Response Team made up of police and emergency responders from around our area, and the state, will be conducting a training today (Monday, October 14th) at Lawrence Intermediate School, according to the Lawrence Township Public Schools' Facebook.

If you're driving by the school, which is set off the road on Eggerts Crossing Road in Lawrence Township (off of Route 206) you may see police cars and other emergency vehicles as they train throughout the day, but, don't worry, it's just a drill.

No students are in the building today. The school district is closed to students. Teachers have a Professional Development day, and are training themselves, in another district school building for the day.

It's scary to think about the "what if" moments, terrifying actually, it's a crazy world out there right now, so I'm glad they're preparing themselves if, God forbid, something were to happen.

Thanks for the heads up.

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