Rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie does not have a good reputation in New Jersey as being a good tenant, that's for sure. He is currently being sued for more than  $250,000 in damages for the destruction he did to his mansion in New Jersey. A lot of damage was done to the property but worst of all, the toilets were clogged so badly that sewage had started seeping through the floors.

According to Page Six, this isn't the only trouble the rapper has gotten into lately. Just last month he was busted and arrested on drug and weapon charges. The lawsuit against him might just be the least of his worries. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie was apparently renting the $3.3 million house from a man named Dr. Lawrence Guarino and his wife back in 2017. According to Page Six, he was renting the place out for $10,000 a month. According to the lawsuit, A Boogie, a k a Artist Julius Dubose left the “bathroom toilets clogged and overrun by sewerage material which penetrated through the floors and damaging ceilings below.’’

The court papers go on to claim that the “carpets cut out and mismatched pieces replaced damages, stains and tears throughout,’’ “entry doors to be left open with evidence of extensive water damage,’’ “walls and trim damaged” and “damage to the landscape,” while “two vehicles … [were] abandoned on the property.”

According to Page Six, the owners want exactly $263,592 to rectify the situation.


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