It is natural for celebrities to fall in and out of the spotlight. Some are winners and some are losers, but “Real House Wives of New Jersey” star Joe Giudice is a real knock out. After being out of the spotlight, Giudice is ready to take it to the ring for celebrity boxing.

TMZ reports that he has signed a deal with Damon Feldman, a celebrity boxing promoter. Some of the names that have taken up celebrity boxing have been Olympic figure skater, Tanya Harding, Rapper, Vanilla Ice and NFL Wide Reciever Antonio Brown.

According to the report, Giudice is ready and willing to fight “anyone” on Oct. 24 in the Bahamas. He is set to fight for three 90-second rounds and will be paid based on the pay-per-view numbers. His opponent has been unnamed, says the reports.

Giudice has been deported to Italy and lost his third appeal in 2018. In 2014, he and his wife, Teresa Giudice, reportedly pleaded guilty in federal court to bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. As a result, Teresa served almost a year in prison and was released in 2015. According to, Joe served his time in 2016 and remained behind bars for three years and five months.

According to, Italy is where Giudice has been training for his boxing match, said TMZ. TMZ released a video where Giudice talks about his training and shows off for the camera.


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