I love pizza. It's one of those foods I feel like I can eat every week and not get sick of. I mean, there are so many different varieties too. You can get pepperoni, you can get buffalo chicken, you can even go crazy and get penne vodka on your pizza. We have a special pizza place that we order from and if it's closed, we don't get pizza at all. Yeah, we're those people. You may not know this, but pizza boxes actually can't be recycled. I never knew this until a couple of years ago when my Aunt told me. When the pizza grease and cheese gets melted onto the box, it makes the cardboard dirty and only clean paper products can be recycled. So when I came across this article that the Bordentown City Green Team found a way to actually recycle pizza boxes for the good of the environment I thought it was so cool.

6abc reported that the Bordentown City Green Team has set up a pizza box donation metal shed at 209 Crosswicks Street in Bordentown, and one you're done eating your favorite pizza, you just drive it on over and put your pizza box in there. From there, Abe's Acres Farm, Fernbrook Farms, or Rancocas Creek Farm will pick up the boxes and use them on their farms for things like getting rid of weeds, and keeping their land fertile. This is a great way to actually recycle pizza boxes after people eat pizza, since they normally wouldn't.

You can read more about this awesome story here.

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