During this pandemic, I didn't think that blood drives were a thing but from the looks of it different organizations are still looking for blood donors. According to Patch.com, the Red Cross is putting together a blood drive that is looking for those that have O blood type to donate. It was stated that other blood types are welcomed also but O blood type is in high demand.
Now the question is, how are they going to track down everything with this COVID-19 virus? It was stated on Patch.com that Red Cross will follow the regular COVID-19 protocols such as, "temperature screening, social distancing and face coverings for donors and staff."

In case you were wondering if your blood can still be used if you are carrying COVID-19 antibodies, that answer is YES. Patch.com made it know that Red Cross will check all blood donations for antibodies. If antibodies are found the "plasma from whole blood donations that tests positive for high levels of COVID-19 antibodies may be used in convalescent plasma treatments for coronavirus patients."

The blood drive will be happening at the end of March as well as the beginning of April. These are the dates that were shared on Patch.com; March 25 from 2 pm to 7 pm at the Best Western (3499 Street Road) and April 2 from 2 pm to 7 pm at Neshaminy Mall (707 Neshaminy Mall)

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