Let me just say, I am so happy to be back. Being at home all week was so dreadful. Now if we were on lockdown it would be a little different because I would at least be working, but I was miserable. I have to fill you in on how it feels to be sick in the middle of a pandemic. 

 A little bit of a backstory.  I had already been to the doctors for something completely different and had to get COVID tested twice. Fortunately, everything came back okay. I did not have coronavirus. Fast forward to Monday, February 22nd,  I woke up with a simple sore throat because I slept with my window open. That morning I had two cups of lemon ginger tea with a splash of apple cider vinegar. Usually that does the trick, but this time it was not working. I get to work to start my shift and I feel crazy. My throat was starting to swell and it was really starting to hurt to speak. After my shift was done I immediately went home. After trying to sleep it off for the entire night, I realized I was actually sick and this was not going to just pass over night. I even asked my Instagram follower for help. 


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The next day I obviously did not come to work, as many of you know because you didn't hear me on air. As the day went on nothing was working. I tried gargling with salt, I tried pain medication, and I just could not get better. There was even a point where I was sweating profusely, but I was so cold and could not get more. I eventually made my way to urgent care only for them to tell me that I have a really bad sinus infection and (possibly)  strep throat.  And yes, they tested me for COVID one more time. So your girl was out for the rest of the week.

 What I did not like was the fact that I was being treated like I had the plague. You guys... I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, but they are still some regular sicknesses! In my case, this is actually very normal for me during this time of the year. I have severe allergies and really bad asthma. So taking a step back, I think we should all relax just a little bit. Not every cough and sniff is COVID. 

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