The coronavirus pandemic has crippled our country in more ways than one. Having to close down businesses to contain the virus has hurt many of them to the point where some cannot reopen. I was a waitress for many years and I could not imagine being one now and having to depend on that money and only that money to survive. I feel for all my service industry people. I do know, that a lot of them were able to claim unemployment during this difficult time which I'm sure they were grateful for. I am noticing more and more, restaurants that have been open for years, are announcing they will not be opening back up due to the financial burden they faced during the coronavirus pandemic and it is just heartbreaking.

A new bill that was signed yesterday may help out restaurants in New York City according to Fox Business. Small restaurants in New York City will now be able to ask customers if they'd like to add up to 10% onto their bill at the end of their dining experience and this money will go towards helping restaurants recover a little better during this difficult time. They will be able to add this up charge for up to 90 days when indoor dining at full capacity is permitted again.

I, for one, would absolutely do this to help our local restaurants from closing their doors. It'll only add a few extra dollars on and it could help them out tremendously. It's like when you go to Wawa and you donate your change to whatever charity they have at the registers. I mean, we're all eating out anyway, why not donate a little extra?

For more info, check out this article from Fox Business.

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