Looking for the perfect date night in New Jersey? This Jersey City candle-making bar for sure needs to make its way onto your date bucket list for 2023.

First of all, if you’re looking for a great place to take a date, the Jersey City and Hoboken area should for sure be considered because of all the fun restaurants, bars, and activities they have going on.


This spot in Jersey City is called Rewa and Unwine which is a candle-making experience in the city. It looks like the perfect spot for single and double dates, group events, birthday parties, etc. I love finding out about experiences like this that exist right in our area.

This is so different from just going to dinner or hanging at the bar and I love that something super unique like this exists right in New Jersey! During this experience, you’ll be able to create your own candles while sipping on some delicious wine. Classes are available in person and also virtually.

The process to book a studio time is super simple and you can do it right on their website, rewaxandunwinejerseycity.com. If you’re looking to shake up your girl’s nights or date nights with something out of the ordinary, this is for sure the most wholesome event to check out!

Rewax and Unwine is located at 2 Division Street in Jersey City, New Jersey. Click here to find more details!

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