With Summer almost coming to an end, another season is upon us! No, it's not Fall, it's flu season! Doctors and pharmacists are urging all to get flu shots this year, since last year's flu season was pretty bad! Rite Aid has even come up with an incentive for you to get it...ice cream!

Yup, Rite Aid is offering free scoops of thrifty ice cream, which is their brand of ice cream, with every flu! The best part is, it's lasting through the entire season! So even if you don't wanna get a flu shot now, and you wanna get it later, you can still get some free ice cream! Flu shots are usually covered by your insurance plan and Rite Aid has stores pretty much everywhere, look them up!

I know not everyone loves getting shots, I've even heard of people freaking out and passing out because of needles, but come on, you get free ice cream! Be good to your body and your tummy and go see Rite Aid for your flu shot this season!

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