Robbinsville 7th grader, Zachary Miller, is collecting shoes for a charity group and needs your help, according to Community News. He has a goal of 25,000 pairs by June. Let's help him.

The charity he's collecting for is Soles4Soles, a "nonprofit organization based in Tennessee that provides, among other things, clothing and shoes around the world to those in need," the article says.

Zachary's passion to help them began a few years ago when his mom showed him some videos that really stuck with him. Zachary told Community News, "There were kids on streets with no shoes, no socks, walking on dirt and debris. It made me really sad. Even though it was three years away, I decided that was going to be my Bar Mitzvah project.”

His Bar Mitzvah is coming up on June 6th. He's about halfway to his goal of 25,000 pairs of shoes. You can help by dropping off shoes at one of the over 70 drop off locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Zach's also at many community events.

For more information click here.

Good luck Zach. We hope you hit your goal.

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