UPDATE: The planned production for this show has been canceled. It is not clear if it will be rescheduled or not. Click here for more details.


We've just learned that Robert Irvine and the Food Network will be coming to Falls Township (Bucks County) in a few weeks to film an episode of "Restaurant: Impossible."

It's been reported by LevittownNow.com that Restaurant: Impossible and celebrity chef Robert Irvine will be filming at Michael's Restaurant and Lounge (on Old Lincoln Highway) in Morrisville (Falls Township), Bucks County. The filming will reportedly take place on September 10 and 11.

The news was first reported by the website LevittownNow.com on Friday. We've reached out to the Food Network to independently confirm the news as well, but as of this writing, we have not heard back yet.

If you've ever seen the show you know that Irvine (and his team) work with a small budget (like $10,000) to renovate an existing facility in just two days. Restaurant: Impossible is now in its 16th season actually.

Typically area residents are invited to volunteer to assist in the renovation process. If you'd like to volunteer (as a certified painter, crafter, etc.) LevittownNow.com has details on that.

Perhaps, even more exciting, we believe that the production company is taking reservations for patrons to try the restaurant on the final day of filming. Reservations are first come, first serve. You must email the production team to volunteer. Click here for more information on how to reserve your spot, via LevittownNow.com's original reporting.

Michael's Restuarant and Lounge first opened in 1968, according to a report from the Falls Township website. The business has remained a family-owned and operated establishment since it first opened its doors.

We'll update this post with more details when we hear back from the Food Network. But this sounds awesome!