An over half million dollar winning lottery ticket was sold at a deli in Roebling, NJ, according to Daily Voice.

My cousin called to tell me the news...she lives 5 minutes away from this deli and orders food from there frequently, but, she was NOT the winner. Darn it. Ahhh, to dream.

Two Jersey Cash 5 tickets will split Sunday night's over $1 million jackpot. One of those tickets was sold at Bob's Corner Deli, located at 488 Delaware Avenue in Roebling.

Lottery officials said the two winning tickets matched all five numbers. Each winning ticket is worth $520,271. Wow. I'd take that. Lol.

Incase you're wondering, the winning numbers were 12,24,26,34,44, and the Xtra number was 3.

It's exciting to think that a local could be holding on to that winning ticket. I hope it wasn't just someone passing through town. I'd love to hear a local feel good story.

Bob's Corner Deli even gets a little gift for selling the winning ticket....a $2,000 check. Nice.

The other winning ticket was sold up in Middlesex County at Vida Inc., 64 Jackson Street, South River.

My dad loves to play the NJ Lottery. Jersey Cash 5 is one of his favorite games but, unfortunately, he was not the winner either. When I told him there was a winning ticket in the area, he was bummed. He keeps telling me he'll buy me a beach house when he wins big. I'm still waiting. He won $500 from a scratch off ticket last week. I was so excited, but, I think he would have rather won the $500,000. Lol.

Maybe someday.

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