I’m at a  point in life where I really want to travel. For obvious reasons, I am a little scared. However, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t be scared of everything for the rest of my life, so I might just take a trip. I really wanted to go on a cruise before COVID-19 struck the nation, but that obviously did not happen. Well, my time is here! Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines are not offering a free cruise to people that want to volunteer to be in their first test sail since the shutdown.


The cruise line, according to the website,  is not clear yet when exactly Royal Caribbean may begin test sailings, but it has been hinted they could begin as soon as December. According to royalcaribbeanblog, here are the guidelines that they would have to follow:

  • Volunteer passengers are to be told in writing of the "inherently risky activity" of their test sailing with untested health and safety protocols.
  • All volunteer passengers must be at least eighteen years old or older.
  • All volunteer passengers must have a written certification from a healthcare provider that they have no pre-existing medical conditions .
  • Royal Caribbean must conduct any simulation on a consensual basis and not as a condition of employment or in exchange for consideration or future reward. 
  • Royal Caribbean must embark additional crew members beyond safe minimum manning levels only as determined through CDC technical instructions or orders.
  •  The cruise ship operator must design and conduct a simulated voyage insofar as practicable to test the efficacy of the cruise ship operator’s ability to mitigate the risks  of COVID-19 onboard its cruise ship.
  • The cruise ship operator must conduct a monitored observation period and laboratory  testing of volunteer passengers, as directed in CDC technical instructions or orders, prior to embarking volunteer passengers on a simulated voyage.

Ok, you are probably already looking at me like I’m crazy, but hear me out. Like I said, I already wanted to go before COVID-19 struck, and even when it did and prices were dirt cheap, I considered going anyway. I’m glad I didn’t because many people's cruises were cancelled. That’s besides the point. This is kind of a once in a lifetime type of situation.

They only ask you a couple of questions. When I applied, it asked for my name, phone number, number of guests that would be coming with me, email, and if I was over 18. That's it! My guess is that they will pick you at random and move to on with the process from there. 

I’m going to be honest, my chances are kind of slim because they have already received over 100,000 entries! I still have high hopes. If I don’t get selected then it  just was not meant to be Wish me luck!




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