A brand new restaurant is coming to the food court at the Quaker Bridge Mall and I couldn’t be more excited.

There have been a ton of restaurants that have come and gone in the mall over the years. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Brio Grille, and more have come and gone. The newest restaurant to close down and make way for something brand new was the Dumplings To-Go restaurant located upstairs in the food court.

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A sign is up that a brand new Thai restaurant will be serving up some food coming soon. The sign located on the top level of the mall in the food court says that Ruby Thai Kitchen will be opening up soon.

It looks like Ruby Thai Kitchen is a popular restaurant located inside a lot of malls in our area. There are locations inside the King of Prussia Mall, the Bridgewater Mall, and more.

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It looks like the locations are strictly inside of malls or strip malls and there don’t seem to be any stand-alone stores that exist. Ruby Thai Kitchen features a lot of different options on its menu.

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From chicken Pad Thai to spring rolls, there seem to be a lot of options to choose from. I see chicken dishes, shrimp dishes, wonton soups, all different kinds of pad thai, and even vegetarian options too.

There is not currently a spot like this in the Quaker Bridge Mall so it’s exciting to see that we get to try something brand new right in the area.

Currently, Ruby Thai Kitchen is listed on the Quaker Bridge Mall’s website and is just labeled as “Coming Soon”. Therefore, it doesn’t look like there is an opening date set just yet.

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