Shopping at a local business is always great but what makes it even better is when you shop at a local small business and they are doing something to help the community. According to Tap Into, Rutgers University students and DeLorenzo's Pizza in Hamilton are teaming up to host a fundraiser for Embrace Kid Foundation.

We learned from Tap Into that Rutgers University students usually raise money for the Embrace Kid Foundation through their dance marathon but since that was put on hold because of the pandemic they were forced to find an alternative way to raise money. It was stated that for every pie sold at DeLorenzo's in Hamilton a portion of the sale will be going to the fundraiser.

Having some tasty pizza is good but knowing that some of the money you spend goes to a good cause makes everything taste better.

Tap Into mentioned that Embrace Kid Foundation is a foundation that helps "maintain normalcy and improve the quality of life for families in the New Jersey and New York City area whose children are facing cancer, sickle cell and other serious health challenges."

Unfortunately, the Rutgers University students were not able to put together their dance marathon due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the event is not canceled. Tap Into shared that the Dance Marathon will still happen on April 9 and 10th.

If you want to get a few pies from DeLorenzo's to help the Embrace Kid Foundation you will be able to partake in the event on January 9th. DeLorenzo's is located at 147 Sloan Avenue in Hamilton.

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