According to The Patch, Bristol township is having a very special event at their municipal building on December 12th from 12pm-2pm. Santa will be in a special parade, where, well, he doesn't actually move. He will stay in one spot and whoever wants to come see the big guy will drive around him. There will be some treat bags and candy canes given out and there will be fire trucks, police vehicles and a ton of other stuff happening too. For more details, check out the Facebook post below.

I know this Christmas season is going to be a very difficult one. Normally people with children visit malls and stores to sit on Santa's lap and take a picture, but that may not be the case for most families. Most malls and stores are not allowing kids to sit on Santa's lap, most Santas will be wearing masks and some Santas will be behind plexiglass to keep themselves and children safe. Now, I have seen some places that you are able to sit on Santa's lap and he wont be wearing a mask and some even test their Santas for COVID-19 multiple times a week to make sure he is healthy. Whoever is going to visit these Santas should not be judged at all. Everyone has different comfort levels, and people should especially respect how other people want to experience things this holiday season. For those people who are still weary, events like these are great. Kids can experience some holiday magic at a safe distance.

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