Your next ride of SEPTA will look drastically different than it's ever been. The area's largest transportation agency just announced that they'll begin accepting contactless payment technology really soon.

How Will SEPTA Accept Tap and Go Payments

You "will be able to simply tap any credit/debit card, in physical form or through apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, at a turnstile, or as (you) board a bus or trolley," SEPTA says.

The transition to the SEPTA Key Card was an expensive one that they're essentially ditching for this more modern technology.

SEPTA's Top and Go Payments Available on Most Rail Lines

SEPTA's Tap and Go payment system is available on their Broad Street Line, Market Frankford Line and most bus services.

It's expected to be rolled out to the system's regional rail line in early 2024. Until then, don't lost your SEPTA keycard.

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