SEPTA reduced fines for jumping turnstiles earlier this year.

The Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia transit system, SEPTA has slashed the fine penalty for jumping the turnstiles.

Honestly though, those fines can get out of control.

What's the price of a train ticket on SEPTA, like $2.50?! ... and trying to sneak a free ride was costing the unlawful riders up to $300.

I guess you shouldn't be breaking the law in the first place ... but still, $300 is a lot of money. says, "Fare beaters caught today receive a $25 ticket, down from $300, and do not face criminal charges. Repeat offenders are granted four strikes before they are banned from SEPTA’s  trains, buses and trolleys."

Wow, what a difference in price. From $300 to $25, not bad at all.

It looks like SEPTA is not playing around either. Banning you if you get caught four times jumping the turnstile ... dude, who is trying to get banned from the city's transit system. Not I.

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