I think the hardest part about the coronavirus pandemic besides the loss of human life, is the complete change and abrupt halt in our daily routines. Everyone has a routine and when you're being told you need to stay inside and change everything you do on a daily basis, it doesn't sit well with people. I speak from experience, I don't like a disruption in my normal routine, even just in the morning before I get to PST to do the morning show. I feel like that's why people are so eager for the stay at home order to be lifted, because if they are not homebodies and like to be out and socializing with other people, this time could be extremely difficult for them.

This has also been a hard time for people who are considered essential workers and just people who need to get to the grocery store, who rely on mass transit to get to where they need to go. Back on March 19th, SEPTA made changes to their schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic, and according to The Patch, SEPTA will resume most of their normal schedules this Sunday and Monday.

Riders need to be prepared for some changes coming to Septa services. All riders must wear a mask or facial covering, and they must have their money out and ready before they get on board. Other rules include staying about 6 feet from the driver and other passengers and riders may have to exit through a different door than they came in. Riders of all SEPTA transits do need to understand that some services may still be suspended and to check before they intend to travel.

Check out more information on SEPTA's website, or this article from The Patch.

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