The Philadelphia 76ers’ have been trying to rework their roster after getting swept in the first round of last season’s playoffs and admitted they want all of the shooting they can get. In order to do this, Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey made a draft-day trade for sharpshooter Seth Curry, Steph Curry’s younger brother, from the Dallas Mavericks, according to ESPN and Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday.

The 76ers’s traded Josh Richardson, a starter on Philadelphia’s team, and the 36th overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft. Besides gaining Seth Curry, their big move so far has been sending out Al Horford and picks for Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson, reported by Yahoo! Sports.

Curry, who got married to Callie Rivers in Sept. 2019, will now be playing under his father-in-law and now coach Doc Rivers, who also is the new Sixers coach. Rivers was previously coaching for the LA Clippers and was to face Curry a few months removed when he was still with the Mavericks.

Morey admits that both Seth Curry and Danny Green pose as shooting threats from the perimeter, which was something they lacked last season. Curry is currently the leader among all active NBA players in career 3-point percentage at 44.3%, which is even ahead of brother Steph Curry at 43.5%.


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