Shawn Mendes wasn't allowed in a Dublin pub, so he went to McDonald's instead.

The Canadian singer may have just been dubbed the "Prince of Pop," but when he tried to get into an Irish bar late Sunday night (April 14), he was denied entry for a very ordinary reason. As most of you know, Mendes is only 20 years old, which means he's still considered underage in a lot of countries, including a bar in Ireland with a strict 21+ rule. So when he and his crew attempted to walk into a pub, the security turned him away for being too young.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, Mendes can be seen speaking to a bouncer outside of the pub before saying, “OK thank you. Wow" and then calmly walking away. You can even hear fans next to him say they'll buy him a beer, to which the pop star says, "No no no, I'm fine."

It sucks that he was turned away, especially after performing a show in Dublin just hours before his rejection, but it seemed like Mendes still managed to enjoy the rest of the night with his entourage. Instead, he went to good ol' McDonald's where he took a bunch of photos with fans at 3 a.m.

Mendes is currently on his self-titled tour, which kicked off in March 2018 in Amsterdam and will come to an end in New York City in August of this year. He's also going to appear in Lil Dicky and Justin Bieber's highly anticipated new song "Earth," which drops today (April 18).

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