This news may make you jump for joy...or not.

I was reading what's going on in the area on Nextdoor and saw a post from an area resident who is frustrated that the Hamilton ShopRite is now strictly enforcing the 20-item or less rule in the self-checkout lanes.

ShopRite Hamilton Enforcing 20 Items or Less Rule

I'm not sure whether the Shop Rite staff is just eyeing your cart or whether they're actually counting each item in your cart, but if you're "caught" with more than 20 items, you're now told to head to a regular line, with a cashier.


My first thought was, "Yeesss, finally!" My second thought was, "Darn it."

The post read, "I was at ShopRite on Route 130 Friday afternoon with my wife, had about 30 to 40 items and we were going to use the self-checkout (I prefer it self, just seems easier and quicker). They used to have lanes for 20 items or less and lanes for multiple items. Now they are strictly enforcing no more than 20 items at ALL self-checkout lanes. More than that you have to use the regular checkout. So after waiting in line for self-checkout, we had to wait in one of the regular lanes. I guess next time we'll take two carts."

This man already has a strategy to beat the system. He's going to divide his items up into two orders and stay put in the self-checkout lanes. Ha ha.


Back to my thoughts. A part of me loves that this rule is being enforced. It's annoying when customers go way over the limit. The 20-item or less rule is in place to keep the line moving, offering a quicker way to check out.

If the lines in the "quick" lanes are backing up into aisle 4, that's not quick. Too many items defeat the purpose of these checkout lanes. And, why are people just ignoring the signs posted that say, "20 items or less?" It's rude.

Do you ever catch yourself counting other people's items to make sure they're being honest with the item limit? I admit, I have.

Then, there's a part of me that hates this is now being enforced. I also admit to trying to sneak 22 items through these lines because I need to get out of there and I'm a quick scanner and bagger. Now if I'm sent to a regular line for going over the limit, I'm not going to be a happy camper.

The struggle is real.

Just letting you know what's happening in your local ShopRite.

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