I live in East Windsor and travel South on Route 130 very often. I am a very observant person  and I notice a lot and one thing I've always noticed is a certain business that's parking lot always looks packed.

The business I am talking about is Shrimp King Restaurant and Fresh Seafood Market. It's on Route 130 South in Robbinsville, by the Police Station and the Taco Bell. They sell fresh seafood to go and even have a dining room in the back.

No matter what day of the week or what time it is, I always see he parking lot packed. But lately, I wasn't seeing a lot of activity there and it had me wondering if they had gone out of business due to the coronavirus pandemic.

By doing some research, on Facebook, specifically in the Hamilton Happenings in Mercer County NJ Facebook page, I found out that Shrimp King is not closed for good, but just for a little while.

Yes, restaurants are allowed to be closed to take a much needed break. What bothered me though was that in my research their reasoning for taking a break.

In read in the comments section when someone asked if they were closed for good, another Facebook user posted a screen shot of a statement from Shrimp King.

In short the statement said they are taking a break because of stupidity, and that the restaurant was deteriorating due to many factors. It seems like they may have been short staffed, like many restaurants are right now and possibly nasty customers as well.

Why does this bother me? Small businesses have been suffering throughout this entire pandemic and now they are continuing to suffer. No restaurant, especially one that has been in business for over 30 years should have to deal with these issues. It sickens me.

I feel for every small business owner right now and those in the service industry. I worked as a server for many years and I dealt with my fair share of jerks, and they were jerky without a global pandemic. I cannot imagine how people are now.

I am so glad Shrimp King owners took a look at their mental health and the wellbeing of their restaurant and made the decision to close. If you're a fan of their food and their establishment, I would follow their Facebook page for updates on when they'll be opening up again.

I'll be following since my hubby loves his seafood.

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