If you’re a fan of amusement parks, Six Flags Great Adventure has your plans set for your Fourth of July weekend.

Ever since I was a kid, Six Flags was always a great spot to go with my family and friends and I love that they have themed events for the different holidays.

Coming up this weekend is their Coca-Cola July 4th Fest and you can get your tickets now. It’s posted on their website that there are a bunch of different experiences that you can get a chance to see while you’re there.

During every night of the Fourth of July celebration events, a firework show will light up the sky at 9 pm at the lakefront.

The show is open to all guests, but the website says that you should get there early because space fills up fast.

There’s also a “Coke Studio” that’s kind of like a club you can visit in between rides. It’s listed that it’s a nice, shaded area where there’s a DJ playing music and samples of Coca-Cola.

You can also even get to snap a selfie in their 360 photo booth with your friends and family. Something else that really caught my eye was the promotion of their ‘Patriotic Punch” drink.

What you get when you order is a blend of Sprite, blue raspberry syrup, and shimmering glitter.

This fancy, patriotic drink is served in a Six Flags July 4th Fest cup and it even comes with a cute stick of rock candy on top.

If you’re looking to get you and your family tickets to the event, it's free with admission and you can purchase them ahead of time on their website.

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