If you have a thirst for everything creepy, haunted, dead, and decaying, and you get a thrill out of scaring the bejeezus out of people - and making sure they have a good time, listen up! Here's a job so good for you, it's scary!

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ is looking for scary clowns, ghouls, zombies and park attendants for their highly-anticipated Fright Fest! It's one of their most popular attractions of the year!

The largest Halloween party in the Northeast runs on select days  from Sept. 16 to Oct. 31, and since summer is nearing it's end, it's time to start hiring, as they said in a statement:

“In preparation for this season’s Fright Fest, the theme park will host a series of hiring events from July 30 through Aug. 13 to find talent for more than 200 scare actor, FX makeup, technician, costuming and greeter positions for the fall season.”

What positions are available?

  • Fright Fest Ghoul Actor: Must be at least 16. Responsibilities include jumping out at guests from dark hiding spots in scare zones in full spooky garb, Repair and maintain tattered and bloodstained costumes, and maintaining screams and safety at all times. Want to impress them? "Show us your coldest stare or wicked talent, and we’ll bring you to the dark side as a scare actor or performer."
  • Special FX Makeup Artists: Must be at least 18. Transform actors into terrifying characters. Experience preferred but not required.
  • Greeters/Ambassadors Must be at least 16. Welcome and usher guests into the park.
  • Entertainment Technicians: Must be at least 18, Assist with lighting and other special effects
  • Costuming: Must be at least 18. Coordinate and put together ghoul actor costumes

Auditions are required for some positions, including Fright Fest actors and makeup artists. If you're interested, check out the Six Flags career page HERE for more information on Hiring and Auditions dates!


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