New Jersey is home to a few world record breaking rollercoaster rides and Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is no exception. According to the newest ride at Six Flags is the tallest pendulum ride in the world, at 17 stories tall and 75 miles per hour.  This good new for Six Flags came just in time to celebrate National Rollercoaster Day on August 16th.

It's kind of impressive how many record breaking rides are in Jersey let alone in Six Flags. reported that New Jersey is known as the Amusement Park Capital of America. Six Flags houses 5 of the world record breaking rides such as Kingda Ka, Bizzaro, El Toro, and Zumanjaro with Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth being the newest addition.

Rollercoaster fanatics can end their summer on a high note (literally) by checking out this new ride.

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