According to a press release, Six Flags Great Adventure is having a Holiday Wine Festival this year that will take place on November 14th & 15th. The wine festival will kick off Holiday in the Park which has become a very popular even for Six Flags for the past six years. At the wine festival, there will be 8 New Jersey vineyards, including three of my favs, Tomasello Winery, Wagonhouse Winery and Valenzano Winery. You can sample wines, buy crafts from vendors and have some food from food trucks. The wine festival will be as safe as it can be and there will be a limited number of tickets sold. Tickets are $44.99 for non season pass holders and $24.99 if you a season ticket holder at Six Flags. You get access to the theme park with your purchase, so if you've never been to Holiday in the Park, this could be a great time to check it out. The Drive Thru Safari will also be open and those tickets are $10 each. For more info about the wine festival, click here.

Every year for many years my husband and I went to the Six Flags Grape Adventure Wine event and we had an absolute blast. There were wineries from all over New Jersey that brought their wines for you to taste and there were vendors with crafts set up and food trucks and it was just a great time every year. We would bring a bunch of people and I learned after the first year that you were able to bring your own food and chairs and everything, so we would go taste some wine, then go to my car, get everything we needed and go back to the festival area and hang out, have some food and some even more wine. One year we even went for the safari package and we got to go on the safari, feed giraffes and taste even more wines than the ones that were at the festival grounds. It was the best! I did not see any advertisements for it this year, so I am assuming they canceled it due to the pandemic, BUT for Six Flags to still have a wine festival is awesome. I see a lot of people taking part in this. It's all outside and Six Flags worked hard to make it a safe experience for everyone. I'm sure as soon as I tell my husband about this, we will be buying tickets.

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