If you travel on Roosevelt Blvd. in Northeast Philly, you better watch your speed because according to phillyvoice.com, speed cameras that were activated on June 1 will start issuing tickets to speeders starting this weekend.

Phillyvoice.com says that the cameras will electronically clock the speed of cars traveling on Roosevelt Blvd. and any vehicle going 11 miles per hour over the posted speed limit will be issued a ticket.

Here are some of the questions we had regarding the speed cameras:

  • How will authorities know who you are?  According to phillyvoice.com, the cameras will capture your license plate and the Philadelphia Parking Authority will use that info to mail a ticket to the registered owner of the car.
  • How much will a ticket cost you? Phillyvoice.com says that the fine for going 11-20 mph over the posted speed limit will be $100. If you are going 21-30 mph over the speed limit, the ticket rises to $125. And if you are going over 31 mph over the speed limit, it will cost you $150.
  • Will you also get points?  Phillyvoice.com reports that drivers who get caught by speed cameras will not receive points to their driving records, just the fine.
  • How many speed cameras are there and where are they located?  According to phillyvoice.com, cameras are located on Roosevelt Blvd. at these intersections: Banks Way, F Street, Deveraux Street, Harbison Avenue, Strahle Street, Grant Avenue, Red Lion Road, and Southampton Road. That makes 8 total cameras.

Authorities from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) told phillyvoice.com that the purpose of the speed cameras is to eliminate deaths that occur due to traffic accidents.

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