Everyone is well aware that the Roosevelt Boulevard is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads. A lot of people seem to drive a little wreckless on that road. That is exactly why law enforcement officers are on it and giving out a ton of tickets.

It was stated on NBC 10 that in just 9 months way over half a million tickets were issued on Roosevelt Boulevard. To be exact, a whopping 700,000 warnings and tickets were issued for speeding.

According to NBC 10, all of the tickets were given out from June of 2020 until February of 2021. We also learned that these tickets were mailed to the fast drivers because the drivers were caught on the speeding cameras installed in the Northeast side of Philadelphia.

That is a lot of tickets, wow!

The Philadelphia Parking Authority shared an image that shows over a 90% decrease in speeding violations since the speeding cameras were installed on Roosevelt Boulevard. If you want to know another interesting percentage here it goes: "71% of all the violations issued go to Philadelphia or Lower Bucks County drivers."

In February there were only 16,776 speeding violations compared to 84,608 in August. That is 67,832 fewer speeding violations in just a few months. In June of 2020, when we were all supposed to be quarantined, there were 224,206 speeding violations given out. That is a huge number.

But ever since the speeding cameras were installed that number has had a solid drop. We want safe drivers out there.

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