There was a small earthquake reported near Jersey Shore town, Brigantine, near Atlantic City, on Saturday morning.

This was my kind of earthquake...the kind that no one noticed. Lol. Nope, nobody felt it. There were no reports of, zilch, nada. Well, maybe someone did feel it, but, just didn't report it. Either way, it was a non event, which is a good thing, since the weather around here seems to be getting more and more extreme lately, with more severe storms forcasted for some parts of New Jersey tomorrow afternoon.

According to 6ABC in Philadelphia, the U.S. Geological Survey said that a 2.0 magnitude earthquake was measured about 37 miles off the coast of Brigantine. For all of you that follow these types of things, it was a little more than 4 miles below the surface.

By the way, I just discovered Brigantine last's beautiful. I had never been there before, until we rented a house with a bunch of friends for a friend's birthday. Super close to AC for some fun, and quiet for some relaxing.

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