The MTV Video Music Awards will be held this Monday at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ.

This has always been my favorite award show to watch ... yes even over the Grammy's or any of those other shows.

There's just something about the VMA's that's just cooler everything else.

So, the set up has already began, and of course it's looks super awesome already.

Just look at the stage, it looks massive.

Credit: Getty Images for MTV

They always so such a great job.

If you were wondering where you favorite artists and celebrities are going to sit. Here's a sneak peek!

Credit: Getty Images for MTV
Credit: Getty Images for MTV

Moon Man's are the only thing they give away at the VMA's either, during the press junket they showed off the goodie bags.

Credit: Getty Images for MTV

I love how when your rich and famous and you can finally afford things, you get everything for free. Totally not fair.

Any who ... the VMA's will be airing on MTV, Monday August 26th at 8pm and of course I'll be tuned in.