Hungry for a meal that tastes like home?

Then I bet you'd love to fix a plate overflowing with collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread, candied yams, chicken and dumplings, oven-baked macaroni and cheese, fried catfish, etc. (I could go on and on). Sometimes you just need some good ol' "down South" comfort food that reminds you of your southern grandma's cooking.

Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash
Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash
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Southern food, or "Soul Food', as many of us like to call it, just hits different! So where can you get the BEST soul food in New Jersey?

The people at have an idea in their 2023 list of "Your State's Best Soul Food Restaurant." And here's who came out on top in the Garden State!

Vonda's Kitchen - Newark NJ

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's Vonda's Kitchen, located at 183 W. Kinney St in Newark, New Jersey! -"The Home of Freshness!"

Here's what LoveFood had to say about this place:

"Looking for comfort food that's healthy too? Homely restaurant Vonda’s Kitchen has an all-day breakfast menu featuring spinach and ricotta pancakes and silver dollar pancakes with berries and maple cream, which customers love."

And they have way more than a breakfast menu! You can also get heaping servings of classic soul food favorites, like fried chicken, baked turkey wings, fried fish, collard greens, mashed potatoes, shrimp and grits, grilled salmon and more!

Have you ever been to Vonda's Kitchen? Where else do you recommend getting a bussin' plate of soul food in New Jersey? Let us know!

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