I used to be obsessed with MTV's "Catfish:The TV Show," and it all started when I watched the original movie, "Catfish." They set the movie up to be this big mystery (which it was), but also they used to the trailer to make the movie seem like a horror film or a thriller. You can see the movie trailer below.

The idea was kind of mind-blowing almost ten years ago that people would meet online and lie about who they said they were. They would create completely new identities all together. The movie got so much hype that it was later made into a television series by MTV. The show hooked me every time because I wanted to see the big reveal: were the people online who they said they were, and were they telling the truth?

Speaking of the truth, on one of the latest episodes of "Catfish" (season 7, episode 23) Truth, a fashion design student, from Los Angeles emails the main host and co-host, Nev and Zeke, to help him finally meet, Ray'Quan, who he met on Instagram. As they they continuing reading the email, it says that Truth 'thinks' Ray'Quan "lives in Trenton, New Jersey." To me that's a big red flag. How do you not know for sure where someone you've consistently talk to lives. And then, just like that, I'm instantly hooked and need to see how this ends. Now I need to find out if Ray'Quan was really from Trenton, and if he was playing games with Truth or really likes him.

You can see a preview of the episode below and the full episode here:

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