Let's face it, when it comes to Holiday music, there are way more Christmas songs than Hanukkah songs.

So what do people listen to on Hanukkah to celebrate the Festival of Lights? Well, there's the very popular songs Adam Sandler, but you can't put those on repeat for 8 nights, right? No!

So it's awesome to find other songs that you can play while celebrating the holiday with friends and family. I am not Jewish, but my Jewish husband got a good laugh at some of these songs.

Below are our favorite songs:

My personal favorite is "Chanukah Honey."

You can check out some more awesome Hanukkah songs here.

Hanukkah is a fun time for us. My husband really loves the Holiday and it's the first one we are spending as a married couple!  We love spending it with his family eating latkes (I found an awesome recipe for them by the way), drinking wine, and celebrating the Festival of Lights.

To all those who celebrate: Happy Hanukkah or Happy Chanukah.

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