Texting and driving is already illegal in every state. But soon, residents of Pennsylvania might also get fined for texting and walking.

If you are a person who frequently walks around with your nose buried in your phone, constantly bumping into people because you are distracted by your phone...this is something you should be aware of.

A new bill has been introduced in the state of Pennsylvania that would give cops the right to fine people who are 'distracted walking.' According to Patch, anyone who crosses the street outside of a cross walk and is on their phone can get in big trouble.

I'll be honest there have been times where I have crossed the street outside of the cross walk while talking on the phone and even caused a car to have to slam on their brakes. As a driver it can be very scary. Especially when the person comes out of nowhere and wasn't paying attention.

Although the number of car on the road decreased significantly in 2020 because of the pandemic, according to USA Today, 4.8 million people were still injured in car related incidents. In Pennsylvania alone, traffic deaths rose by 6% last year, according to Pittsburgh-Post Gazette.

So overall this new bill could help save a lot of injuries and even a lot of lives. The cost of the fine has not yet been discussed. However given that texting and driving is a 50 dollar fine plus court costs and other fees in Pennsylvania, according to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, I assume it will be around that same amount.


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