Summer is almost here which means we are all excited for some weekends down the shore. Coffee lovers will soon have a new coffee shop option in Toms River, NJ.

According to, the Bada Bean Cawfee shop is opening in Toms River and it will not be your typical coffee shop. The new "cawfee" shop will be inspired by the hit TV series 'Sopranos.'

The co-owner of Bada Bean Cawfee, Andrew Adelman, mentioned that the coffee shop will be opening in 6 to 8 weeks. The Toms River location will be at 1922 Hooper Ave.

When we say the Bada Bean Cawfee is really inspired by 'Sopranos', we are not kidding. mentioned that items on the menu will have some "mafia inspired" names. You will also find mugshots inside the coffee as well as clips from different classic Italian movies.

This isn't the only Bada Bean Cawfee location opening. reported that there will be 3 other locations opening-up within the next few weeks. The other locations will be opening in Newark, Woodbridge-Edison, and Montgomery.

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