Back in December, a story hit the internet that there would be an auction held in Atlantic City and all proceeds would go to the Boys and Girls Club. Many people were excited about it because the highest bidder would get the chance to blow up a building. That specific building was the former Trump Plaza and Casino in Atlantic City. NBC 10 Philadelphia reports, that Carl Icahn who owns the casino has put a stop to the auction for the chance to press the button to demolish the Trump Plaza and Casino. The reason he put a stop the auction is unknown but at least Carl Icahn will donate $175,000 to the Boys and Girls Club, which I think is really nice of him.

One of my favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother is when Ted, one of the main characters gets to demolish a building. That must be so cool as an architect to be able to press a button and then see a building come tumbling down. I had a friend who worked for the Port Authority as an engineer and she would tell me she got to demolish lots of buildings. She said it was super fun, and exciting. I'm sure it is fun and I think pushing the button to demolish a building that was supposed to be demolished could be a good time. Might be one of those things that only a few people in this world get to do, but so many people want to.

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