Tap into South Brunswick reports, that a physical education teacher named CJ Hendricks from Crossroads South Middle School in South Brunswick has won a buttload of money on NBC's The Wall. CJ was on the show with his sister Brittany and won $910,266 by answering some questions from a wide range of categories. Both CJ and Brittany are very enthusiastic people and also have good hearts. They collected thousands of items after the Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico and they got their chance to win a ton of money on NBC's The Wall and they achieved that. The episode is awesome to watch and it's very fun and exciting. You can watch their episode here.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to be on game show and given a chance to win a lot of money. I sure as heck could use it and I have so much knowledge of pop culture and other things that I think I could be a good contestant. I say it all the time, I think that one day I really need to apply. I'd love tp pay off my student loans since they are so high and I am still paying them off even thought I graduated 11 years ago.  I think that would help a lot and make me feel a little less stressed about money. I think I need to stop thinking about it and just do it. I think I might even add it to my bucket list.

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