It's a sad time for water ice and pretzel lovers in Stratford, New Jersey! reports that South Jersey Pretzel and Water Ice, a staple establishment hailed for their fresh water ice and homemade pretzels (which many say were the best around), has just closed their doors for good after over 50 years in business!

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But why is it closing if everyone loves this place so much? This is what their post on Facebook had to say about the sad matter:

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Their last day of business was June 11. According to the post, despite the fact that three experienced business people wanted to buy the establishment to continue it, the landlord was unwilling to lease it to any of them.

So it sounds like there might be some bad blood in the mix here, but it's so unclear.

What is clear, however, is that nobody is ready to see this place go. The post is met with frantically sad reactions and lamentations from patrons who have loved this place so much for so long. Pretty much every comment says they had the BEST pretzels all around!

"What a shame, you truly do have the best pretzels in New Jersey!!"

"If you move it, we will come!!!!!!! There are no pretzels like your pretzels!"

"I am so so sorry to hear this. Your pretzels were easily the best i have had this side of the bridge!!"

Hopefully this place will be able to find its footing at another location. Their customer base is certainly loyal enough to keep it going!

Have you ever been to South Jersey Pretzel and Water Ice? Would you like to see them reopen at a new location? Sound off in the comments!

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