Spicy Wok, a new Asian Fusion restaurant has just opened in East Windsor.

Spicy Wok is located in the Windsor Center on Route 130 South in East Windsor. The easiest way to get to Spicy Wok is to take Route 130 South and just take enter  by the bank. Spicy Wok is located where the Smash Burger used to be.

According to The Patch, Spicy Wok opened a few weeks ago and is family owned. Spicy Wok offers many traditional Asian Fusion dishes and even has vegetarian options. They have a big menu that includes, chicken, beef, lamb and even seafood too.

You can dine in or take out your Asian fusion orders. You can check out their Facebook page for some pictures of their yummy dishes.

I live in East Windsor and I visit the Windsor Center very often. I am probably there at least once a week between going to Aldi and Petco and Lee's dry cleaners. It's a great shopping center right around the corner.

Spicy Wok moved in to a spot where a Smash Burger used to be and we only ate there once before they closed. They messed up our order and we weren't that impressed with the food, so we never went back.

I can see us visiting Spicy Wok soon since my husband loves Asian fusion and loves a little bit of spice to his food.

Welcome to East Windsor Spicy Wok! I wish you years of wonderful business!

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