Earlier this week we told that you the popular cereal cafe, Spoony Sweets, in Hamilton, would be closing their doors on Saturday (December 21).

Well, in the last hours, the business' owners (Ryan and Medina) shared some good news. They say that they arguing to be able to stay open thanks to the outpouring of support from everyone.

“It’s been an overwhelming time for us,” the couple said in a video posted on Saturday night as they recalled the support from the community in recent days as they’ve been flooded with visits and support from the community.

“Because of that support… we’ve had the opportunity that we get to stay, which is absolutely amazing," Ryan said in Saturday's Facebook video.

Ryan went on to thank some “key people” and the locals who have afforded them the opportunity to keep their doors open.

In the earlier post announcing the store's closing, the couple wrote that the business had been "exhausting emotionally, physically and financially."

"We wanted to build a place where everyone was welcome no matter your shape, size or color and we feel we did so. Sadly we can no longer continue to keep our doors open," they had previously wrote. 

So we're excited to see them staying open! Spoony Sweets opened about a year ago, and they're located on Highway 33 in Hamilton. Visit their website for more.


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