Starbucks lovers, listen up. There is something new and potentially life changing happening with Starbucks in 2019. Are you ready for the news? Drum roll, please.

They've partnered with Uber Eats to have your favorite Frapp (or whatever you like) delivered right to you, according to Delish. Omg. Yes, please.

It's being called Starbucks Delivers. They tested it out in Florida earlier this year, and, obviously, it went well, because they're expanding it to over 2,000 of their U.S. stores soon. Cross your fingers it'll be available around here.

This will be great if you're stuck at the office, too comfy to venture out on a cold day, or your car's in the shop.  But, I think I'd actually miss going to Starbucks, wouldn't you? There's such a cool vibe there, I see friends there, oh, and that smell.....ahhhh... pure heaven!

That's really all I know for now. We'll get more details early in 2019. Contain your excitement, for now. Lol.

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